Maker of long lasting outdoor seating solutions for businesses and back gardens

Andy’s Story

Hi my name is Andy and I run Rose Valley Tables.

I started work at a steel manufacturing company 23 years ago. They had so many pallets going to waste. So, I thought I would try making tables out of them. My friends and family started to notice them and they told their friends. I decided to try and sell them on eBay and they did pretty well.

One day a pub landlord asked if I could make him some from treated timbers. At first it was only me making them and then my sons and brother started helping me. Sometimes I get my partner involved, but I don’t think she likes it though!

I made our tables in my garage for many years until I started to outgrow it. We moved to a yard that backs on to our local pub around 2 years ago.

Over the years we tried different designs and these seem to be the best sellers. Today we have a full product line with different styles of picnic table and benches to suit individual taste and a great reputation for creating fantastic wooden furniture for our customers.

Every table is made to order. Please get in touch if you have any questions or bespoke enquiries.